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Round Rock Ranch

Round Rock Ranch Phase One HOA

The Round Rock Ranch Phase One HOA is made up of approximately 689 members homes.  The Association is setup as a non-profit corporation and has a board of directors that is elected annually for two year terms.  The current board of directors is as follows:

Uhuru Dawson President board@roundrockranch.com
Trey Nichols
VP board@roundrockranch.com
Rick Guzman Treasurer board@roundrockranch.com
Amber Washington Secretary board@roundrockranch.com
Dan Becnel Member-at-Large board@roundrockranch.com

The HOA is managed by Spectrum Association Management.  They handle many of the day to day tasks of keeping a community the size of ours up the the standards we have in our neighborhood.  This includes restrictive covenant violations, regular and emergency maintenance, collection and accounting of dues and Association finances and much more.  Their contact information is listed here.

Property Assessments

The Association has monthly assessments in the amount of $34.00/mo.  This works out to $408 over the course of the year.  Residents can certainly pay in advance but, per our fine policy, we do impose a fee for any resident who does not pay their assessment on time.  If you need help determining your HOA account number please contact 

our property management company.


Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee is a group of 3 individuals that are elected by the Association every year.  This group is responsible for approving any applications for Improvements to your property.  Thinking of adding a room to the back of your home?   Don't like our common area pools and want your own?  Want to change the color on your house?  Any of these projects need ACC approval in writing before you begin.

Consult your Restrictive Covenants (there are 4 or 5 different ones depending on where you live) and the ACC guidelines to find what the generally accepted standards are for your home.  The covenants for each section can be found here.   

For details on submitting an application, please contact our property management company.  Alternately you can mail or fax your application to the address or phone number listed above.

Restrictive Covenants and Guidelines

You should have received your Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&R) when you moved into the neighborhood.  You can also find all the CC&R's, the guidelines, and Association governing documents here

We have created a Restrictive Covenant Summary page that you can use to get a general idea but this page is not intended to supersede or replace the CC&R's that govern your section.

HOA Reimbursement Form

Complete and fill out the Reimbursement Form to get reimbursed for approved HOA expenses. Submit this form with all supporting documentation to our property manager.