Round Rock Ranch is located 2.4 miles east of IH35 on Gattis School Road. We currently have nearly 700 families in this very active community. Gattis School Elementary is housed in the neighborhood. There are several social events planned each year. The neighborhood newsletter is a monthly publication which includes details of upcoming events and neighborhood ads. This active community enjoys amenities including two playscapes and two swimming facilities.

We'll post updates on community activities and connect with each other through this page.

Apache Blvd Tree Removal

There has been a fair amount of alarm and concern about the recent and ongoing removal of trees along Apache. This was not an easy decision to make for the previous board. There are a few reasons so many trees are being removed at this time:

1. Many are dead or dying (Bradford pears only have a 15-20 year life)
2. They were planted way too close together - this further stresses the trees, and makes it so that we can't selectively remove the dead ones without damaging the better ones
3. We couldn't trim them enough to be safe and allow light to the ground below, so it was barren

We do plan to plant new trees in some areas, and continue with other lower plantings and landscaping in other areas.

If you have an interest in the landscaping in our neighborhood, please contact the board for referral to the landscaping committee.

New Property Manager - Spectrum Association Management

Please be sure and update your records with our new property management company information. Your new coupon payment book and welcome letter should have arrived in late May or early June. Contact Spectrum if you haven't received either of these, as your information is probably not current.


Spectrum Association Management

Kiel McElroy – Community Manager

512-834-3900 – office hours 9-5 Mon-Fri

After hours  866-902-9730

If you should have any questions or problems with the transition please notify your RRR HOA Board of Directors at

Important Announcements

Should you see a crime in progress or see suspicious activity, please contact the Round Rock Police Department immediately by calling 911.                          

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